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Community Mental Health & Substance Abuse Contractor Services Section

The Community Mental Health & Substance Abuse Contractor Services Section administers mental health and substance abuse program contracts and quality management activities.

Under the general guidance of the DSHS Client Service Contracting Unit (CSCU), the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Contracts Management Units develop all community mental health and substance abuse service contracts. The staff works with the Adult Mental Health Services Unit, Substance Abuse Services Unit, and Child and Adolescent Services Unit on new contracts and is responsible for escorting contracts through the administrative process.

These units focus on and are responsible for all aspects of contract management. These units review compliance with contract requirements and determine appropriate actions as needed.

On an annual basis, the Quality Management Unit develops a quality management plan that includes the type, scope, frequency and depth of compliance monitoring reviews. QM uses information provided from other units, contract provisions and rules, and data review, including risk assessment data provided by the Decision Support, to develop the plan. The plan delineates how ad-hoc and focused reviews will be conducted to evaluate specific providers or specific service types. Ad-hoc reviews are those that are done upon special request as a result of specific information or allegation.

The specialty functions of the unit are: conducting on-site and desk reviews in order to monitor program contract and rules compliance, and program fidelity, verifying program documentation, reviewing policies and procedures, reviewing service provision and implementation and conducting program administrator/staff and client interviews. This unit develops monitoring tools used in these desk or on-site reviews and does follow up monitoring reviews to ensure that corrective action is taken by providers. Reports of findings are routinely provided to the Contracts Unit.

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Last updated November 6, 2015