• Vision: A Healthy Texas

    Mission: To improve the health, safety, and well-being of Texans through good stewardship of public resources, and a focus on core public health functions.
  • Texas 211

Health Care Quality Section

The Health Care Quality Section, consisting of four units, establishes and administers rules and standards to maintain health care quality and consumer safety and is responsible for licensing, surveying, and inspecting providers of health care and consumer safety services.

  • The Professional Licensing and Certification Unit determines and administers standards for issuing and renewing licenses that allow individuals to practice health-related and consumer safety professions. The unit also conducts on-site compliance visits and complaint-based investigations on individuals and educational institutions.

  • The Regulatory Licensing Unit establishes licensing standards, requirements, and processing timelines for regulated health care quality and consumer safety entities. It also processes and issues licenses within regulatory timeframes.

  • The Patient Quality Care Compliance Unit surveys licensed health care entities, including hospitals, EMS firms, and substance abuse facilities, and investigates complaints to assure compliance with standards. The unit also audits survey reports for compliance, including quality assurance activities, and recommends licensure/certification, state enforcement action, and/or federal termination.

  • The EMS/Trauma Systems Coordination Office establishes state rules and standards for regulation of EMS individuals, firms, including first responders, and education programs. The unit develops the Texas EMS/Trauma System; manages the Governor's EMS and Trauma Advisory Council activities; disseminates funding to eligible EMS/trauma entities, including EMS firms, trauma facilities/hospitals and Regional Advisory Councils; and disseminates information to the public/regulated community.

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Last updated October 1, 2010