Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) Providers Apply for a New License - Requirements

Only licensed personal emergency response system (PERS) providers (companies or individuals) and their registered personnel who meet the definition below will be regulated by DSHS after February 1, 2004. Companies and personnel of companies who do not meet this definition will continue to be regulated by the successor agency to the Texas Commission on Private Security, the Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas, and its new Texas Private Security Board.

"Personal emergency response system" (PERS) means an alarm system that is:
(1) installed in the residence of a person;
(2) monitored by an alarm systems company;
(3) designed only to permit the person to signal the occurrence of a medical or personal emergency on the part of the person so that the company may dispatch appropriate aid; and
(4) not part of a combination of alarm systems that includes a burglar alarm or fire alarm.

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Last updated April 29, 2010