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Welcome to the Quality Management Branch of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The Quality Management Branch (QMB) consists of central office based nurses, nutritionists and a case manager along with regional staff who conduct onsite and case management desk reviews to assess quality. The QMB strives to assure the delivery of quality health care services by evaluating the health care activities of DSHS-funded services and continuously improving systems of care for individuals and populations. The QMB concept of quality revolves around the Quality Management Continuum that ties the QA activities of evaluation to the development of improved systems of care and services.



The Quality Management Continuum is a triad of the following activities:

1.) Defining quality;
2.) Measuring quality; and
3) Improving quality.

In defining quality, the QMB staff will work with the policy staff of DSHS, various other service staff and contractors to define standards of care and program requirements. In measuring quality, the QMB staff will work to assure that review tools clearly reflect the identified health care standards and program requirements; and in improving quality the QI staff of the QMB will work closely with QA review staff, policy and service staff and regional staff to identify contractors who need assistance in systems development, with their internal quality assurance activities and other improvement needs.

Last updated January 23, 2017