Public Health Region 1 Epidemiology Response Team (BioTerrorism Response) Dec05-Jun06

Communicable Disease Survellance Report

 Eduardo J. Sanchez, M.D., M.P.H.

Dear Public Health Partner,

The Communicable Disease Surveillance staff in the Canyon and Lubbock regional offices are now providing information relating to incidence of reportable diseases in the Region 1 area on a quarterly basis.

This report will tell you what diseases have been reported to the Health Department for residents of your county during December 2005
thru June 2006. It will not tell you how many cases may have occurred in your county. If diseases are occurring in unusual numbers or presentations, you will continue to receive Health Alerts as you normally do now.

If you would like additional information, or have questions or comments, please contact us.

Thank you.

Public Health Preparedness staff:
Connie Lindley, DVM, PhD, Public Health Preparedness Program Director, Canyon            (806) 655-7151
Satish Bagdure, Epidemiologist, Lubbock                                                                 (806) 767-0406
Sarah Hays, Public Health Tech, Lubbock                                                                (806) 767-0319

For questions about diseases in animals, contact:
James Alexander, DVM, MPVM, Diplomate-ACVPM                                                      (806) 655-7151
Karen McDonald, Zoonosis Tech, Lubbock                                                                (806) 767-0427
Regional Veterinarian, Zoonosis, Canyon

Reportable Conditions by County                             


County Campy- Strep Hepatitis Meningitis MRSA Mumps Rubella Salmo- Shig- Strep. Vari- Per- Listeria
December 2005 through June 2006 Case Counts Chart
  lobacter Gp A Gp B A B C Asept. Bact'l.       nella ella Pneumo cella tussis  
Armstrong                 X   X            
Bailey       X X X X   X                
Carson                 X X           X  
Castro     X     X           X X        
Childress   X     X X               X      
Cochran         X X               X      
Collingsworth           X                      
Crosby   X   X X X   X       X X        
Dallam X         X                      
Deaf Smith X X       X   X X             X  
Dickens                             X    
Donley                 X                
Floyd           X         X   X        
Garza   X     X X               X      
Gray           X     X     X   X   X X
Hall           X     X                
Hansford                         X   X    
Hartley           X                      
Hemphill           X           X          
Hockley X     X X X X X X     X     X    
Hutchinson   X     X X     X     X   X X x  
Lamb         X X     X     X   X X    
Lynn X   X   X X     X   X            
Moore         X X   X X             X  
Motley           X                      
Ochiltree           X                   X  
Oldham X       X X                   X  
Parmer X               X X   X          
Sherman           X     X     X     X    
Swisher X         X                   X  
Wheeler   X X     X     X X       X      







Zoonosis Update, June 1, 2006 – August 31, 2006










1 skunk


1 bat


1 cat





West Nile Virus





1 horse  




1 horse  


1 human




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