Public Health Region 11 Early Warning Infectious Disease Surveillance (EWIDS)


The aim of the Early Warning Infectious Disease surveillance Program (EWIDS) is to strengthen cross-border public health activities along the Texas-Tamaulipas border with a focus on the early detection, identification, and reporting of diseases associated with potential bioterrorism or other events of public health significance.  The border counties in HSR-11 served by the EWIDS Program include Cameron, Willacy, Hidalgo, Kenedy, Starr, Brooks, Jim Hoggs, Zapata, Duval, Webb and McMullen counties.



  • share surveillance information on a weekly basis to provide an epidemiological picture of the Texas-Tamaulipas border.
  • Improve surveillance-related communication and information technology to strengthen the ability of tamaulipas and Texas to work together during a crisis or emergency.
  • Prepare for a binational public health emergency, such as an act of bioterrorism or an outbreak of disease, through education adn training.
  • Maintain binational case reporting to detect binational outbreaks of illness and institute prompt actions along the border to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Develop binational agreements for the coordination of infectious disease detection, monitoring, control, and information sharing.


Program Contacts:

Herminia Alva , MPH, CPH, Epidemiologist III, office:  956-421-5560

Nina Worley, Binational Planner, office:  956-316-8171

Natalie Boutwell, PHT II, office:  956-444-3264

Sylvia Garza, - PHT II, office:  956-487-5559


Fax:  956-444-3216

24/7 epidemiologist on-call:  956-421-5559

Last updated September 20, 2017