Public Health Region 11 Family Planning Program

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to assist low income Texans to achieve their family planning goals and improve their health, and to positively affect the outcome of future pregnancies.


The Family Planning Program serves all 11 Public Health Regions within the state by providing services directly through DSHS regional health facilities and through contracts with a variety of organizations including local health departments, medical schools, hospitals, private non-profit agencies and community and rural health centers.


  • Provide technical assistance and training for contractors, regional staff and social service agencies.
  • Serve as liaison in management of contract
  • Provide education regarding family planning
  • Conduct surveys, inspections or reviews to determine provider compliance with certification requirements, laws, regulations and policies.
  • Quality assurance lead in Title X and XX reviews
  • Address family planning in women’s health issues.

Over 100 DSHS funded family planning agencies deliver preventive medical and educational services under the direction of licensed physicians. Charges to clients are based on a sliding fee scale according to family income and size. No client is refused services due to his or her inability to pay. About 75% of clients are over the age of 20. About 98% of clients are female. 

Last updated September 20, 2017