Public Health Region 11 Nutrition Program (WIC)

 Vision Statement:

We commit to providing high quality, cost-effective, population based nutrition services that complement the "Healthy Texans 2000 Objectives." We are committed to maintaining program access through active collaboration, nutrition surveillance and quality assurance monitoring.


The purpose of Public Health Nutrition Programs is to improve the health of individuals residing within Public Health Region 11. The programs generate community-based efforts to promote optional nutritional health, prevent nutrition-related conditions and diseases, and to assure food assistance and nutrition education to those who have been found to be vulnerable to the effects of malnutrition. Public Health Nutrition services are conducted in a variety of settings, including public agencies, private organizations, providers and individuals. Services are prioritized to assure that the highest priority nutrition related needs of the community are addressed.


  • Providing comprehensive training and technical assistance to staff in the Public Health Region, local health agencies, community health centers, human centers, human service agencies and education agencies. Areas of training include nutrition screening for Texas Health Steps, nutrition education in diabetes, gestational diabetes, weight management, cholesterol reduction, adolescent eating disorders, prenatal nutrition and breast feeding, infant and child nutrition, cancer prevention, pediatric failure to thrive, wellness, and children with special health care needs.
  • Provide Texas Department of Health nutrition education print and audio-visual materials.
  • Nutrition Surveillance.
  • Participate in quality assurance activities.
  • Participate in community assessments.
  • Assist in identifying a R.D. or L.D. to provide nutrition services.
  • Administer the special Supplemental Program for Women, Infants and Children(WIC) in Six counties [Aransas, Brooks, Jim Wells, Kleberg, McMullen and Refugio]

Diana Garcia

Regional Nutritionist
WIC Program Manager

Last updated September 20, 2017