Public Health Region 4 and 5N - Zoonosis Control

Public Health Region 4 and 5N
Zoonosis Control

zcd98Zoonosis: An infectious disease in animals that can be transmitted to people.



The Zoonosis Control Division provides information and consultation to the public, veterinarians, physicians, the medical community, and governmental agencies regarding zoonotic diseases and state laws pertaining to such. The division implements and conducts control methods, surveillance activities, and epidemiological investigation of zoonotic diseases, provides training for animal control officers, and inspects and licenses animal rabies quarantine facilities.   Educational programs are provided to schools, colleges, professional organizations, and community organizations throughout the region.


West Nile Information


Chris Menges, DVM, MPH
Regional Veterinarian
Telephone: 903-533-5243
Chris Menges, DVM, MPH

Angela Hopkins
Public Health Tech IV
Telephone: 903-533-5212
Angela Hopkins

Samantha Hathcock
Public Health Technician
Telephone: 903-533-5260 
Samantha Hathcock

Fax Number for Zoonosis Control Program: 903-533-5383

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Regions 4 and 5 North
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Tyler, Texas   75702

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