Public Health Region 6-5 South Public Health Improvement Program

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Kim Beam, MPH
Team Lead
5425 Polk St., Suite J/Mail Code 1906
Houston, TX 77023
Phone: (713) 767-3018 | Fax: (713) 767-3049

Remeka Jones, MPH
Phone: (713) 767-3027

Jeslin Jose, MPH
Phone: (713) 767-3026 | Fax: (713) 767-3049


To achieve and sustain healthy people and healthy communities throughout Health Service Region 6/5 South.


The purpose of the Public Health Improvement (PHI) Program is to assist counties not served by a local health department in building capacity to carry out the ten essential services of public health. The PHI Program supports the strengthening of public health infrastructure in counties where the Department of State Health Services’ Regional Office serves as the local health department. 


  • Facilitate the formation of and provide technical assistance to community-planning groups that address health issues at the local level.
  • Assist communities in conducting local assessments and/or community forums to gather local data.
  • Assist communities with identifying and prioritizing health issues related to health disparities and creating a plan to address those concerns.


  • Community Health Assessments
  • Data distribution
  • Health Disparities, Cultural Competency, & Health Literacy Training
  • Public Health Leadership Training
  • Research and technical assistance with population-based community interventions

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Last updated March 13, 2018