Epidemiology Program


Mission Statement:

To develop or enhance regional epidemiology services for the rapid detection and control of disease outbreaks or other adverse health outcomes.  This includes evaluating, enhancing and when necessary creating new surveillance and investigation systems, analyzing data, preparing recommendations and working with appropriate programs to implement interventions for desired outcomes.

Program overview:

The Epidemiology Program conducts disease surveillance and coordinates reporting of notifiable conditions.  To reduce and prevent the spread of infectious disease the Epidemiology program provides education and resources to health professionals and the public.  The Epidemiology program monitors disease incidence in Region 7 to develop and analyze statistical data to determine at-risk populations and geographical locations of occurrences.

The program consists of the Epidemiology Response Team (ERT), which is charged with developing and coordinating bioterrorism plans in the region.  The ERT works in collaboration with local health departments, hospitals, health agencies and government entities to develop plans to respond to bioterrorism events in their counties.  The ERT will respond to any bioterrorism event in Region 7, and through out the state of Texas as necessary.

Disease Reporting:

Call 254-778-6744

Fax 254-899-0405

Reportable Conditions and Disease in Texas

HSR7 Infectious Disease Report Form

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Pandemic Flu


Pediatric Influenza Death Report Form

Novel H1N1 ICU Cases and Adult Death Reports

Clinic Weekly Flu Report

Hospital Weekly Flu Report

School Weekly Flu Report

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Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)1



Salmonellosis Information

IDCU Infectious Disease Control Unit

Public Health Preparedness

CLPPP Childhood Lead Poisoning & Prevention Program

Program Contacts:

Carol Davis, Manager

Bonnie Morehead, Lead Epidemiologist

Sandi Arnold, RN, CIC, Epidemiology Nurse

Sophia Anyatonwu, Epidemiologist II

Christa Cook, Epidemiologist

Conner Carlson, VPD Specialist

Yolanda Holmes, Public Health Preparedness Planner

Julia Butler, Planning and Preparedness Specialist

Leisa Fletcher, MCM Coordinator

Jacque Hagerty, Public Health Preparedness Trainer

Vacant, Public Health Preparedness Trainer 

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