Texas Department of State Health Services Health Service Region 7

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Sharon K. Melville, M.D., MPH, Regional Medical Director

Keith Johnson R.S.

Deputy Regional Director


Health Service Region 7 is one of eleven health service regions of the Department of State Health Services, the state governmental agency responsible for bringing comprehensive public health services to the citizens of Texas. Health Service Region 7 serves a 30 county area in Central Texas.

Health Service Region 7 Mission Statement

It is our mission that we commit, through personal and organizational excellence, to be an agent of change dedicated to achieving a healthier Texas.

Department of State Health Services, HSR7

2408 South 37th Street

Temple, TX 76504

Phone: 254-778-6744

Fax: 254-778-4066

TTY 254-771-6785

Temple Map

Department of State Health Services, HSR7

1601-C Rutherford Lane, Suite C-3

Austin, TX 78754

Phone: 512-873-6300

Fax: 512-873-6345

Austin Map


West Nile Virus Information

CDC West Nile Virus Information

Zika Virus Information

FLU Information

Tornado Information

Hurricane Preparedness Information

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Protect against Zika: Information about prevention, transmission, testing and more
is at www.TexasZika.org.

Disease Reporting (24 hours/7 Days) and Other Public Health Emergencies Call 254-778-6744

Last updated May 11, 2017