Division for Regulatory Services - Sitemap


Abortion Facilities
Abusable Volatile Chemicals Program
Agricultural (Field) Sanitation  
Ambulatory Surgical Centers
Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act Program
Asbestos Program  



Birthing Centers
Bloodborne Pathogen Control
Bottled and Vended Water



Campus Program for Minors
Certificates of Free Sale
Certified Food Manager Program
Chemical Dependency Counselor Program
Chemical Reporting Program, Tier II
Chemicals, Abusable Volatile (AVC)
Code Enforcement Officer Registration Program
Community Mental Health Centers
Comprehensive Out-Patient Rehabilitation Facilities
Contact Lens Dispensing Permit Program
Controlled Substance Scheduling
Cottage Food Production
Counselors, Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional



Device Distributors and Manufacturers
Device Salvage Brokers and Establishments
Dietary Supplements  
Drug Manufacturers and Distributors
Drug Retailers, Pseudoephedrine  


Emergency Medical Care Facilities, Freestanding
EMS Provider Licensing
EMS -Trauma Systems
End Stage Renal Disease Facilities
Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine, Retail Certificate of Authority



Farmer's Markets
Field Sanitation
First Responder Organization Registration  
Food Alerts and Recalls
Food Establishments Group
Food Establishments, Mobile
Food Establishments, Retail
Food Establishments, Temporary
Food Handler Program
Food Manager Program, Certified
Food Manufacturers
Food Production, Cottage
Food Vendors, Roadside
Foods Group
Foods Labeling
Freestanding Emergency Medical Care Facilities



Hazard Communication Worker Right-to-Know Program
Hazardous Products Manufacturing
Health Facilities  
Hospitals - General
Hospitals - Psychiatric & Crisis Stabilization Units
Hospitals - Special
Hotels, Motels, Travel Accommodations, Bed & Breakfasts



Indoor Air Quality Program (IAQ)
Industrial Radiographers



Laboratories - (CLIA)
Laser Hair Removal
Laser and Laser Device Services
Lead Program, Environmental


Mammography Certification and Accreditation
Marriage and Family Therapists, Texas State Board of Examiners of
Massage Therapy Program
Meat Safety Assurance Unit
Medical Advisory Board
Medical Devices Manufacturers and Distributors
Medical Devices, Salvage Brokers and Establishments
Medical Disclosure Panel, Texas    
Medical Waste Treatment Technologies
Mental Health Centers, Community  
Milk Group
Mobile Food Establishments
Mold Assessment and Remediation



Narcotic Treatment Clinics     


Offender Education Program      



Personal Emergency Response System Providers Program (PERS)
Physical Therapy or Speech Pathology Services, Out-Patient
Playground Safety
Portable X-Ray Services
Pseudoephedrine Retailers
Public Health Sanitation Program
Public Nuisance Complaints
Public Restrooms
Public Swimming Pools and Spas



Radiation Control Program
Radioactive Materials Licensing
Radioactive Waste Shipping / Transporting  
Rehabilitation Facilities, Out-Patient, Comprehensive  
Residential Care Facilities, Special  
Restrooms, Public
Retail Standardization Program
Retail Food Establishments
Rural Health Clinics



Sanitarian Registration Program
Seafood and Aquatic Life Group
Sex Offender Treatment, Council on
Social Worker Examiners, Texas State Board of
Special Care Facilities  
Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities
Swimming Pools and Spas, Public



Tanning Facilities
Tattoo and Body Piercing Studios
Temporary Food Establishments  



Volatile Chemicals, Abusable
Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards


Water, Bottled and Vended  


X-Ray Inspections
X-Ray Registration, Dental
X-Ray Registration, Industrial
X-Ray Registration, Medical and Academic
X-Ray Services

X-Ray Registration, Veterinary


Youth Camp Program  


Last updated June 8, 2017