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Division for Regional and Local Health Services - Local Health Authority

Local Health Authority


This page has been created to provide information to benefit Texas' local health authorities. It contains important documents and references of value to physicians who perform this vital role in their community. (file viewing information)
Communicable Disease Control Measures
(Updated February 2007) A Guide for Health Authorities in a Public Health Emergency

Statutory Authority

Chapter 121 - Local Public Health Reorganization Act
Chapter 81 - Disease Control Act
HSC Chapter 121, Subchapter B, Section(s) 121.021-121.025 - Health Authorities

Appointment Forms and Instructions

General Instructions For Completing Forms For Newly Appointed/Reappointed Health Authority (pdf, 21K)


Statement of Appointed Officer (Word, 30K) Instructions (Word, 22K)
Certificate of Appointment (Word, 30K)  
LHA Oath of Office (Word, 29K) Instructions (Word, 34K)

Texas Initiative Authority Health Local

Overview (pdf, 339k)
Statewide Local Health Authority Survey (ppt, 112K)
Statewide Local Health Authority Summit (pdf, 15k)


Regional Directors
DSHS Bioterrorism Information
Communicable Disease Control Measures in Texas


Last updated September 20, 2016