Substance Abuse Prevention Services: Community Coalition Programs (CCP)

DSHS funds contracts with 22 community coalitions that were selected for awards through the FY09 competitive RFP process. The coalitions address community concerns regarding the prevention and reduction of the illegal and harmful use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in the target counties across Texas. The primary emphasis is the reduction in youth and young adult use by promoting and conducting community-based and environmental strategies. DSHS requires all contractors to implement the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) model for evidence-based practices within community coalitions.

Activities of the CCPs focus on the establishment or changing of laws, policies, and social norms within the community through environmental strategies. These evidence-based strategies include: assistance to communities in monitoring the enforcement of laws relative to the sale of alcohol and tobacco to minors, affecting the promotion and availability of substances in the community, and affecting social norms and community beliefs about alcohol, tobacco, and substance use. Other strategies include the development of comprehensive school policies, providing assistance to schools and community partners, and educating policy makers on the needs and gaps in substance abuse services. More information about coalitions in your area can be found at

Last updated February 22, 2011