Mental Health and Substance Abuse Information Center

The Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse built an extensive research and reference collection in the area of substance abuse prevention and treatment. Upon our merger with Mental Health in September 2004, we began collecting materials in that field.

The Information Center collection includes not only books and journals, but an extensive video collection that circulates to individuals within Texas to aid them with their instructional training and educational programs. A new patron should first register with us by completing a Patron Registration Form. Specific videos are requested using a Video Request Form. View the full Video Catalog for a synopsis of videos and lending policies.

The Information Center also provides related information to Texas residents through the distribution of pamphlets, posters and related materials to Prevention Resource Centers located around the state and directly to visitors to our Center. Contact your local PRC by dialing 1-877-9-NO DRUG (1-877-966-3784) to request materials.

The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Information Center is the Texas State Center for the RADAR Network, a consortium of agencies in 50 states providing alcohol, tobacco and other drug information and literature to individuals and communities from the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (

Last updated November 6, 2013