Mental Health and Substance Abuse Information Center Policies

Hours and location

The Information Center is open between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. While we handle many of our requests via mail, e-mail and phone, we welcome walk-in patrons. Our hours of operation are 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday - Friday. We are closed for all federal holidays and have reduced staffing on state holidays.

We are located in building 631, room 1069, on the Austin State Hospital campus, 4110 Guadalupe, Austin, TX 78751.

Building 631 is clearly marked with white “631” signage. Park on the north side of building 631. Enter the building through either door on the north side of the building and then follow the directional signage to the Texas Department of State Health Services Mental Health & Substance Abuse Information Center in room 1069. We are co-located with the Austin State Hospital Clinical Library.


We circulate materials and distribute informational literature to people residing in Texas. Anyone within the state wishing to borrow materials from our collection may complete a Patron Registration form on our web site at, or call 866-378-8440 option 3 for more information.

Loan Period for Library Materials

The Information Center will loan out books and videos (with the exception of reference materials, serial publications, government documents and curriculum materials which are restricted to library use only) to anyone who has registered with us. All materials are loaned for a period of two weeks (with one additional week offered to cover the mailing of materials to patrons located outside of Austin) and must be returned either in person or through a traceable mail delivery system at the end of the loan period. Materials may be renewed over the phone for an additional period if another patron is not waiting for that item.


New patrons are limited to one item for their first request, two for their second, and up to five thereafter if their account is in good standing. All patrons are limited to one new item per request. New items are marked in the Video Catalog with a star symbol or are listed in the New Materials Catalog Supplement. Most materials ship within seven (7) business days.


Patrons are responsible for the timely return of all borrowed items in the condition in which they were received, and are financially responsible to the State for lost or damaged materials.

Clearinghouse Materials

We provide samples to our walk-in customers and to anyone else who requests a sample via fax, e-mail, or phone. Since the items we stock vary from day to day (as this is largely dependent upon periodic shipments received from other governmental sources), it is not practical at this time to produce a catalog of our distribution items. We’re happy to work with you on the phone, via e-mail or in person to locate resources to meet your needs. We also provide materials and support to the Prevention Resource Centers located throughout the state. Requests for larger quantities of materials should be directed to these centers by calling 1-877-9-NO DRUG (1-877-966-3784).


If you have questions about these policies or our resources in general, please contact us at 866-378-8440 option 3 or

Please return library items by the due date using a trackable method, such as certified mail through the U.S. Post Office to our mailing address:

  • Information Center
    Mental Health and Substance Abuse
    Texas Department of State Health Services
    Mail Code 2083
    909 W. 45th Street
    Austin, TX 78751

Please note that our physical location is in building 631, room 1069 on the Austin State Hospital Campus at 909 W. 45th Street. See hours and location section above for details.

Please contact us for renewals or if you have any questions:

Please allow up to seven business days for us to process your request and another three to four business days for delivery.

Additional requests will not be filled if the currently borrowed items are not returned by the designated due date. Repeatedly returning videos after the due date will result in loss of borrowing privileges.

Failure to return borrowed media will be viewed as theft of state property in violation of Section 331.03, Texas Penal Code. Collections will be turned over to the Texas State Comptrollers Office.

Last updated June 11, 2013