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Research Archives: Criminal Justice Surveys

This family of criminal justice studies has captured information about populations not included in the school surveys and surveys of the general adult population in the state. These studies have been conducted to include high-risk populations such as probationers, inmates, and arrestees in the legacy agency Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse(TCADA) treatment needs estimates and to explore their unique profiles and patterns of substance use. Additionally, because these populations take large social and financial tolls on society, a primary goal of the series is to explore ways in which the drug/crime cycle can be broken.

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Youth Substance Use and Delinquency

Substance Abuse Among Felonly Offenders

Substance Abuse Among Inmates

Substance Abuse Among Inmates By Gender: Female Inmates

Substance Abuse Among Inmates By Gender: Male Inmates

Substance Use and Crime

DWI Recidivism

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Last updated May 7, 2010