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Strategic Prevention Framework

Journey  In October 2004, the state of Texas through the Office of the Governor received a state incentive grant from the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention to implement the Strategic Prevention Framework. The Texas State Incentive Program (TSIP) Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is promoting a systems change led by the state, driven by local communities, and tailored to their needs for substance abuse prevention. The TSIP SPF is an excellent opportunity to impact the multi-faceted challenges of preventing underage and college-age binge drinking and related traffic fatalities in Texas with a revitalized, comprehensive statewide prevention strategy that strengthens local community efforts.

This section includes general information about the Texas State Incentive Program (TSIP) Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF).

Texas Epidemiological Workgroup

The purpose of the SPF Texas Epidemiological Workgroup is to assess the status of the state with respect to substance abuse prevalence, select consumption-related consequences and measure the state’s status on the selected variables.

This section includes state profiles and databases with information at the county level.


The purpose of the evaluation component is to assess the effectiveness of the SPF initiative and the communities where the activities are implemented.

This section presents the evaluation plan, formative evaluation reports as well as special reports.

Last updated May 19, 2010