Texas Recovery Initiative (TRI)


The purpose of the multi-phase Texas Recovery Initiative (TRI) is to gather information and recommendations for designing protocols that implement holistic, recovery-oriented models of care for use within the behavioral health community. An essential characteristic of a recovery-oriented model is that it be based on an individualized, multi-disciplinary recovery plan that is developed in partnership with the person receiving these services and all others identified as supportive of this process.

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) emphasize the importance of community collaborations and partnership, including governmental agencies at all levels, to ensure the continuum of care available for other chronic care diseases (such as diabetes or heart disease) for persons affected by substance use disorders. ROSC services enhance each individual’s personal strengths and improve their social functioning while allowing them to build recovery self-management skills by providing continuing support during the recovery process.  Learn more about Recovery Oriented Systems of Care in Texas »

Last updated March 2, 2017