Sanitarian Registration Program Apply for a New Registration - Apply By Mail

To apply by mail, please complete the Sanitarian Application and Upgrade Packet found on the "Application and Forms" web page.  Please read the rules carefully to ensure that you qualify, as all fees submitted to the department are non-refundable.

  • Submit the application. (The application requires a job description and relevant employment history).
  • If applying for registration as a Sanitarian, complete the Sanitarian Reference Form to document your 2 years of full-time experience (not less than 32 hours per week) in the fields of consumer health, environmental health, or sanitation.
  • If applying for registration as a Sanitarian-in-Training, complete the Sanitarian-in-Training Supervision Form. 
  • Submit the registration fee.
  • Submit official college transcripts. 
  • The application must be notarized.
  • If currently certified by NEHA as REHS/RS, submit proof of current certification.
  • Please type or print the information requested in all spaces of the application, as it becomes your permanent registration record. Complete information in your application is necessary to evaluate your qualifications.

Last updated February 21, 2014