Sanitarian Registration Program Apply for a New Registration - Apply Online

Do not use the links and forms below if you are already a registered Sanitarian and need to renew. This web page is only for new Sanitarian applicants. If you are unsure of the qualifications required for this type of license, please see the rules, 25 TAC Chapter 140, Subchapter C.

Regulatory Services Online Licensing System - Initial Application for Professional Sanitarian and Sanitarian-in-Training ONLY

Initial applicants for Professional Sanitarian and Sanitarian-in-Training may now apply for their initial registration through the new Regulatory Services Online Licensing System. Select the link below to begin the initial online application process. When using the online service, initial license application fees must be paid using a major credit card.

Apply for Your Initial Registration Online through the Regulatory Services Online Licensing System 

Once you submit an online application, your fees and information will be processed automatically and routed electronically to the Sanitarian Registration Program. 

You should therefore postmark the other required documents and/or forms listed below on or shortly after the date you submit the online application, to avoid a delay in processing time.

The department recommends that you attach a copy of the "Receipt Page" (the final page you are able to print out when you complete the online application) to any documents you submit to our office.

Additional Information Required of Sanitarian and Sanitarian-in-Training applicants:

1.  Official college or university transcripts verifying that you hold a bachelor's degree. The transcript(s) must include 30 hours of science course work that meets the requirements in the agency rules (25 TAC §140.106 Educational Requirements). Official transcripts may be mailed to the agency directly from the university. You may also mail the transcripts.

2.  Submit the Educational Requirements for Examination/Registration Form documenting your 30 hours of science course work.

3.  If currently certified by NEHA as REHS/RS, submit proof of current certification.

For Professional Sanitarian applicants: submit the Sanitarian Reference Form. Please be aware that if your work experience summary and work dates do not adequately show two (2) years of full-time experience (not less than 32 hours per week) in environmental health, consumer health and/or sanitation as defined by agency rule (25 TAC §140.105 Qualifications for Registration as a Sanitarian or a Sanitarian-in-Training), you may be required to submit additional information.

5.  For Professional Sanitarian-in-training applicants: submit the Sanitarian-in-Training Supervision Form. 

6.  Once this application is approved, you will be mailed an examination admission letter along with detailed information on the examination and scheduling procedures. Please note: You may not schedule your examination with Pearson VUE until your application has been approved and an examination letter has been issued.

Mail all required information listed above (no fees) to our office.

Sanitarian Registration Program
Texas Department of State Health Services
Mail Code 1982
P.O. Box 149347
Austin , Texas 78714-9347


Last updated April 10, 2014