Sanitarian Registration Program Apply for a New Registration - Exam

The examination process has changed. The new exam contractor is Pearson VUE. Examination fees ($75) will be payable to "Pearson VUE" in advance. Please note that the fee for the Sanitarian Registration State Exam will increase to $105.00 on December 1, 2014. Once you receive an examination approval letter, please select an examination site, date, and time in accordance with the instructions below. You must have an official admission letter from Sanitarian Registration Program in order to schedule the examination. You may print a copy of the Examination Handbook via the link below, which is also available on our "Applications and Forms" web page.

The examination is designed to test the general knowledge of the applicant in the basic and natural sciences and their application in the variety of environmental health activities. The examination consists of multiple choice questions and a passing score of 61% is required. Any applicant who fails to receive a passing score may repeat the examination after a waiting period of 90 days.

No one will be permitted to take an examination until an approved and complete application has been obtained.  Upon approval of the application, a letter will be forwarded to the applicant advising the requirements have been met and the examination may be taken.  This letter must be presented at the examination with appropriate identification.

Registered Sanitarian Candidate Handbook

Information about Exam Reimbursement for Veterans

Applicants who have been approved to take the Registered Sanitarian State Exam may purchase the National Environmental Health Association REHS/RS Study Guide (Third Edition) through the following link:


Last updated October 6, 2014