Sanitarian Registration Program Renew Your Registration - Requirements

All Sanitarians and Sanitarians-in-Training should have renewed their registrations effective September 1, 2000. At the date of renewal, each registrant was issued an anniversary date to assist him/her in determining the date his/her registration will expire, and the number of approved continuing education hours required for renewal. This information is also included on the renewal form mailed to each registrant two months before the renewal is due. If you are unsure of your anniversary date, or you failed to renew as of September 1, 2000, please contact our office.

Sanitarians renew their registrations every two years; Sanitarians in Training may renew only once, for an additional two years in which to gain the experience required to upgrade to Registered Professional Sanitarian.

Please remember that if you do not keep your address information up to date with the department, your renewal notice may not reach you! Failure to receive a renewal notice does not excuse you from paying the late fees.

Each registered sanitarian must obtain at least 24 continuing education contact hours related to the fields of consumer health, environmental health or sanitation within the 24 months preceding renewal for a registration issued for a two-year term.  Please refer to the Continuing Education - General Information web page for more information.

Renewal fee - Sanitarian (2 year registration): $158

Renewal fee - Sanitarian-in-Training (2 year registration - may only be renewed once): $156

Last updated January 7, 2014