Sanitarian Registration Program About the Profession - Scope of Practice

Registered sanitarian--A department registered public health professional qualified by specific education, specialized training and field experience to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the public from adverse environmental determinants.

Scope of professional practice--Includes, but not limited to, evaluating, planning, designing, managing, organizing, enforcing, or implementing programs, facilities, or services that protect public health and the environment. The scope of practice also includes educating, communicating, and warning communities of factors that may adversely affect the general health and welfare. The scope of practice may be in the areas of food quality and safety, on-site wastewater treatment and disposal, solid and hazardous waste management, ambient and indoor air quality, drinking and bathing water quality, insect and animal vector control, recreational and institutional facility inspections, consumer health, and occupational health and safety.

To use the title "sanitarian" in Texas, an individual most hold a current registration.

Last updated January 7, 2014