Sanitarian Registration Program Apply for a New Registration - Upgrade

A Sanitarian-in-Training who fails to accrue at least two (2) years of experience in consumer health, environmental health or sanitation may renew his/her registration once for a period not to exceed two years after paying a renewal fee. If the sanitarian-in-training has accrued at least two (2) years of experience, he/she may apply for an upgrade to Registered Professional Sanitarian.

If you meet the requirements for upgrading to a Registered Professional Sanitarian as set by the Sanitarian Registration Rules and Regulations and wish to upgrade your registration, you must complete a new application (Sanitarian Application and Upgrade Packet) and submit the $95 upgrade fee to our office. The Sanitarian Application and Upgrade Packet is available on the "Applications and Forms" page. You do not need to submit another copy of your transcript.

Last updated January 7, 2014