Bloodborne Pathogen Control in Texas Schools


As a result of legislation passed in 1999, Texas public school districts are required to implement bloodborne pathogen exposure control plans. The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) School Health Program has compiled the following information and resources to assist public school districts in adapting policies to ensure compliance with Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 96 (Bloodborne Pathogen Control) of the Texas Administrative Code (§§96.101, 96.201-96.203, 96.301-96.304, 96.401-96.402, 96.501, 96.601) and Chapter 81 of the Health & Safety code (§§ 81.301- 81.306)

Before calling the Department of State Health Services School Health Program or Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology and Surveillance, please do the following:

  • Read all documents accessible as links via this web site
  • Scroll through the FAQs regarding BBPs


More DSHS Resources for Design and Implementation of Exposure Control Plans

  • DSHS Audiovisual Library
    (Provides instructional videos on control of bloodborne pathogens in occupational settings)
    Contact: Kelli Kennedy, Librarian
    (512) 458-7260




Other Agencies with Resources

  • School District’s Worker’s Compensation Insurance Provider
  • Local Hospitals’ Infection Control Departments


Publications on Bloodborne Pathogen Control

  • An Aid for Health Care Professionals in Complying with the OSHA Standards on Bloodborne Pathogens
    GlaxoSmithKline, Biologics Division
    1-866-475-8222 (ordering department)
    1-866-475-9296 (fax)
    Vaccine Account Manager,
    Beth Null, M.B.A., Senior Vaccine Account Manager
  • National Education Agency Health Information Network (NEA/HIN)
    The Red Book Exposure to Blood on the Job: What School Employees Need to Know
    1201 16th Street NW, Suite (521)
    Washington, DC,. 20032
  • Texas Hospital Association
    The Texas Sharps Safety Manual: A Guide to Implementing the State's Bloodborne Pathogens Law
    Amanda Engler, Communications Manager,
    (512) 465-1026

    Fax on demand service: Follow voice prompts and request document 313 to obtain an order form for the above guide and receive information on the other helpful tools
    (888) 293-5257


  • AIMS Multimedia
    Health, Wellness & Prevention Videos
    9710 DeSoto Avenue
    Chatsworth, California, 91311
    Phone: (800) 367-2467
    Fax: (818) 341-6700
  • Coastal Training Technologies Corporation
    500 Studio Drive
    Virginia Beach, VA 23452
    1 (800) 695-0756
  • National Association of School Nurses
    Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens: Implementing OSHA Standards in School Settings
    P.O. Box 1300
    Scarbrough, ME 04070-1300
    (207) 883-2117
  • Merck Vaccine Division
    Lisa A. Cruttenden, MHA
    510 West 18th Street, #113
    Austin, TX 78701
    1 (800) 737-1042, ext, 13279
    National Service Center: 1 (800) NSC-MERCK
  • Other Web sites


Last updated February 16, 2016