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Coordinated School Health Healthy and Safe School Environment

Component Description:

Includes the physical and aesthetic surroundings and the psychosocial climate and culture of the school.  The factors that influence the physical environment include the school building, surrounding areas and anything present that may create a safety hazard, including air quality.  The social condition of the school can effect the psychological environment and can emotionally affect the well-being of students and staff.  Teachers, administrators, school staff, other students and outside forces can impact the school environment.

Student Benefits:

The physical environment can be either a support or a hurdle to student achievement.  Students perform better in facilities that are attractive, functional, safe and secure.  A healthy school environment includes:

  • A feeling of support by students from administrators, teachers and peers to reach their full potential
  • A safe environment; free from environmental pollutants and other physical hazards including the presence of predators, drugs and weapons
  • Helps students develop a positive affiliation with the school environment.  These students are also more likely to remain academically engaged and less likely to be involved in misconduct at school.


Safe School Facilities:

Injury and Drug Prevention:

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Last updated February 17, 2017