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Coordinated School Health Physical Education

Component Description:

A planned, sequential K-12 curriculum that provides cognitive content and learning experiences in a variety of activity areas such as basic movement skills, physical fitness, and team, dual, and individual sports.  Quality physical education should provide planned activities to meet each student's optimum physical, mental, emotional and social development.  Activities and sports that students can enjoy and pursue throughout their lifetime should be designed to meet all students’ abilities.  Physical education involves promoting lifelong physical activity that follows the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Physical Education laws:

Every independent and charter school sysytem is required by law to require a student enrolled in full-day prekindergarten, in kindergarten, or in a grade level below grade six to participate in moderate or vigorous daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes throughout the school year as part of the district's physical education curriculum or through structured activity during a school campus's daily recess. Section 28.002 of the Texas Educaiton Code details specifics of this law at www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/ED/htm/ED.28.htm#28.002.

Qualified teachers should use best practice when teaching physical activity.  The National Association for Sports and Physical Education recommends optimum movement during physical education classes and promotes “all children engaging in moderate to vigorous physical activity at least 50% of the time (MVPA).”

Student Benefits:

  • Improves mental and physical health
  • Improves classroom behavior
  • Improves of brain function


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Last updated February 17, 2017