Legislative Updates - School Health

Included here is current legislation, Texas law, codes and policies – both state and federal, and bills just filed if in a session year…all impacting school health. Included as well are helpful definitions or new or emerging information impacting school health issues or initiatives.


Statute: A bill enacted through the House or Senate that passed into law.

Texas Code: (Education, Health and Safety, etc.): Texas codes are Texas laws. The Statue Code tells us “what” to do. A bill recently passed into law is certified, chronologically numbered, sent to the Secretary of State and compiled into permanent record in the Texas law, Vernon's Texas Codes Annotated Civil Statutes of the State of Texas. Click on www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Index.aspx to see Texas Laws.

Administrative Code: Administrative Codes are rules. Rules dictate “how” to do it. Rules are developed by state committees or departments governed by the laws by which they will develop and/or update the rules. Click on www.sos.state.tx.us/tac/index.shtml to check out the Administrative Codes.

State Policies:  Though not legislated, policies enacted by state regulating agencies must be adhered to. The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), Food and Nutrition Division, has authority over the child nutrition program for Texas public schools as a supplement to federal policies. In March of 2004, TDA issued the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy to promote a healthier school environment. To access the school nutrition policy, go to:


This document contains school health related legislation taken directly from the official Texas Legislature website.  The bills listed in the document have been filed during the 84th session.  Click on the bill links to read the official bill document.  A brief descriptive caption of each bill has been provided. 

2013 Legislation - 83rd Legislative Session

This document provides the reader with a summary of legislation that became law during this session which may have an impact on school health.


2011 Legislation - 82nd Legislative Session 

This document provides the reader with a summary of legislation that became law during this session which may have an impact on school health.


Selected State and Federal School Health Laws-2014 Update

This document is meant as a resource tool in assisting school nurses, other school health personnel and administrators in locating selected laws that relate to school health.  It is not a full list, but a snapshot of the most frequently requested state and federal citations.  If you need additional citations, the following website is a valuable tool to search for state statutes:

For more information, contact the School Health Program at 512-776-7279 or schoolhealth@dshs.state.tx.us

Last updated December 17, 2015