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Texas School Health Advisory Committee - Recommendations

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The Research and Recommendations (R&R) documents are created to support school districts in implementing coordinated school health. R&Rs are developed by the TSHAC and revised as needed to help districts comply with legislative mandates and navigate prevailing health issues. The R&R documents are hyperlinked here. Click on each title to download the R&R document. 

Research and Recommendations on Recess and Physical Activity: Impact on Student Health and Academics, Social, and Emotional Development
This R&R document was prepared to support local school districts in their efforts to comply with S.B. 530, 80th Legislature, Regular Session, 2007. A sample school district resolution is provided here for use with local school health advisory councils (SHACs).

Sample ISD Resolution: Recommendations on Recess for Elementary School Students

Research and Recommendations for Health Education for all Texas Students K-12 Grade
This R&R document was prepared to support local school districts in their efforts to recommend a half credit of health education as a graduation requirement for all high school students. A sample school district resolution is provided for a SHAC to use in making this recommendation to their local school board.

Sample Resolution: Research and Recommendations on Health Education for All Texas Students K-12 Grade

Research and Recommendations on Physical Education
This R&R document explains the importance of teaching Physical Education to students in Texas.

Research and Recommendations on Student Consumption of Regular and Diet Sodas in High Schools 
This R&R document presents recommendations relating to beverages sold or served to Texas high school students. This information is provided to the Texas Department of Agriculture to assist with implementation of the Texas Public School Policy regulations.

Research and Recommendations for Offering Physical Activity Outside the School Day
This R&R document was created to assist school districts in the development of comprehensive physical activity programs.

Research and Recommendation on School Bus and Automobile Idling
This R&R document was created to provide districts with resources for developing policies that limit school bus idling.

Research and Recommendations on Benefits to Students in School Districts that Prohibit Physical Activity as Punishment
This R&R document was developed to assist SHACs in revising or updating local Wellness Policies or other district policies/regulations to prohibit the use of physical activity as punishment.

Recommendations for the Improvement of the Coordinated School Health Program 
This document was developed after the Texas Education Agency provided a data analysis of the student fitness assessment conducted in Texas schools during the 2007-2008 school year. This recommendation was required by law.

Research and Resources on Promoting Positive School Climates to Improve Student Outcomes
This document was developed to emphasize the importance of promoting positive school climates. 

Research and Recommendations on Late Start of School Activities for Students in High School 
This document was developed to emphasize the importance of sleep for teenagers. 

Research and Recommendation on Health Issues and Parent Involvement and Engagement in Student Academic Success
This document was developed to emphasize the importance of parent involvement and engagement.  The Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships flow-chart from the U.S. Department of Education provides additional information.  

Last updated February 26, 2018