State Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology - DPS-FBI Fingerprinting

DPS stresses the importance of following all directions on the enclosed FAST pass. They often find that applicants schedule an appointment but do not follow directions. If you are fingerprinted with the wrong FAST pass, you will need to be reprinted and all fees will need to be paid again. DPS is unable to refund fees if you schedule the appointment incorrectly or do not bring the board’s FAST pass (see link below) and required documents with you. The criminal history from the incorrect appointment will not be released to the State Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.

DPS Instructions on Acceptable Forms of Identification (Adobe Acrobat format, 100 KB)

Also, if you have been required to be fingerprinted in the past (i.e., teacher, state employee, etc.), you will still need to be fingerprinted again. The federal government does not allow sharing of data.

Link to Texas Occupations Code 401

In-State Applicant Instructions

FAST Fingerprint Pass form which you must take to your fingerprint appointment.

  1. Print out: In-State FAST Fingerprint Pass form (Adobe Acrobat format, 105 KB)
  2. Read the instructions at the top of the form on how to schedule an appointment
  3. Complete and sign the FAST Fingerprint Pass form
  4. Make an appointment using the website or by calling 1-888-467-2080
  5. Take your completed FAST Fingerprint Pass form with you to your fingerprinting appointment
  6. Pay $41.25 either online by credit card, or at your appointment by check or money order
  7. After you complete steps 1-5, submit your license application or license renewal form and fee to the board (either by mail or online).

Your fingerprints will be processed by DPS and the board will receive the results within 72 hours. Do not submit your application or renewal form and fee until you have been fingerprinted. The board cannot approve your application until the fingerprinting results are received.

DPS fingerprint results received by the board are confidential and protected under state law. If your results show any criminal history that might affect your license, the board will contact you directly by mail. Please be aware that fingerprinting is a one-time requirement. You will not be asked to complete this process again in the future.

If the board staff can assist you in any way, please contact us at  

Out-of-State Applicant Instructions

Out of state applicants cannot electronically submit fingerprints from another states live scan terminal. Your out of state applicants will need a hard card FAST Pass. For more information MorphoTrust USA can reached at 1-888-467-2080 or they website at:

  1. Print out: Out-of-State FAST Pass form (Adobe Acrobat format, 45 KB)
  2. Read the instructions at the top of the form on how to register your fingerprint submission to MorphoTrust USA
  3. Mail this completed FAST Pass form, along with your completed fingerprint card:

    MorphoTrust USA
    Attn: Texas Card Scan
    3051 Hollis Dr Ste 310
    Springfield, IL 62704

Please note: if you mail your hard card FAST pass to the board; they become state property and we cannot return them to you. (Texas Government Code §552.108) 


Last updated March 14, 2014