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National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

comprehensive cancer control

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s mission is to develop and to provide an integrated and coordinated approach to reduce the incidence, morbidity, and mortality of cancer through prevention, early detection, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliation.

Why Comprehensive Cancer Control?
The significant growth of cancer prevention and control programs within health agencies has resulted in recognizing that improved coordination of cancer control activities is essential to maximize resources and achieve desired cancer control outcomes. Comprehensive cancer control (CCC) results in many benefits including increased efficiency for delivering public health messages and services to the public.

Action Opportunities for Comprehensive Cancer Control
CDC's National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (NCCCP) is a national resource for supporting CCC efforts. Since 1998, the number of programs participating in CDC’s NCCCP has grown from 6 to 61. With this support, state and tribal health agencies continue to establish broad-based CCC coalitions, assess the burden of cancer, determine priorities for cancer prevention and control, and develop and implement CCC plans.

Cancer plans are the stepping stones for advancing CCC programs—to put the program into action. Each state or tribal health agency develops an individual cancer plan to address its unique cancer burden. As states or tribal health agencies implement cancer plans, they integrate expertise and efforts from many disciplines: basic and applied research, evaluation, health education, program development, public policy, surveillance, clinical services, and health communications.

Last updated November 14, 2013