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Cause-Specific Cancer Survival

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Cause-specific survival adjusts the observed survival for competing causes of death by only counting deaths due to the specific cancer site. Therefore, the Texas Cancer Registry uses a specially created SEER Survival-Specific cause-of-death (COD) variable that includes death from the specific cancer site, as well as any other causes of death that are likely to also be directly due to the specific cancer site (http://seer.cancer.gov/causespecific/index.html.) Deaths from other, unrelated causes are censored.

The following tables are provided for major cancer sites, by major race and ethnicity groupings in Texas, along with the 95% confidence interval of the survival percent.

Five-Year Cause-Specific Survival for Malignant Cancers 
By Gender, and By Race and Ethnicity, and By Primary Site, Texas

Both sexes, males, and females are each listed on a separate tab.

Please Note: Cause-specific survival calculation only considers deaths directly related to the cancer site, and does not require life table data. Therefore, survival rates may be generated for Hispanics, non-Hispanics, and other groups in Texas.

More information about cancer survival analysis, as well as information about software used to generate these survival statistics, can be found on the SEER website and links: https://seer.cancer.gov/statistics/types/survival.html.


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Last updated May 23, 2017