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Limited-Use Data

Limited-Use Data

Limited-Use Data, Texas Cancer Registry, 1995-2015

The Texas Cancer Registry (TCR) provides limited-use cancer incidence datasets, containing incident cases diagnosed 1995-2015, in SAS and SEER*Stat file formats. Access to these data requires a signed TCR Limited-Use Data Request Form (.docx). Use of these data for presentation or publication purposes should acknowledge the TCR using the requested citation.

Texas cancer mortality data are available from the National Cancer Institute, Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program; see their U.S. Mortality Data webpage for details. From there, you may access mortality data at the state and county levels. Accessing these data requires a signed SEER Research Data Agreement form; refer to Accessing the SEER Data for more information.

Additional Documentation for Using TCR Limited-Use Data

Free NCI SEER*Stat Software Available to Analyze TCR Limited-Use Data

The SEER Program provides free software called SEER*Stat that can be used for the analysis and reporting of cancer statistics. Additional information, including how to request the SEER*Stat software, is available on the SEER website.

If you have any questions, contact the TCR Epidemiology Group via email at CancerData@dshs.texas.gov or call 512-776-3080.

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Last updated February 9, 2018