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Texas Cancer Registry Limited-Use Data Files

Limited-Use Data

Limited-Use Data, Texas Cancer Registry, 1995-2012

The Texas Cancer Registry (TCR) provides a de-identified limited-use cancer incidence file (1995-2012) in both SAS and SEER*Stat formats. These data require a signed TCR Limited-Use Data Agreement to access (available below). Use of these data for presentation or publication purposes should acknowledge the TCR using the statement available at: Requested Citation When Using TCR Data.

Texas cancer mortality data are now available on the National Cancer Institute SEER website http://seer.cancer.gov/mortality/index.html.  From there you may access mortality data at the State and county levels. Accessing these data also requires a signed data agreement with SEER: http://seer.cancer.gov/data/access.html#agreement.

Additional Documentation for Using Texas Limited-Use Data

Free NCI SEER*Stat Software Available to Analyze TCR Limited-Use Data

The National Cancer Institute SEER Program provides free software (SEER*Stat) and tutorials that can be used for the standard analysis and reporting of cancer statistics. Additional information, including how to request SEER*Stat, is available at: http://seer.cancer.gov/seerstat.


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Last updated June 16, 2016