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Edits and 2012 Reporting Update

Edits and 2012 Reporting Update

Edits and 2012 Cancer Reporting Update - November 9

Dear Texas Cancer Reporters,

The Texas Cancer Registry has successfully completed the NAACCR Version 12.2 conversion and implemented the 12.2c edit set.

The TXState_MetafileV122C.rmf is posted on our website.  There have been edit changes so please submit any data you currently have ready before implementing the new edit set. 

If you still have 2011 pending records abstracted in NAACCR Version 12.1 please submit by close of business Friday, November 16.  NAACCR Version 12.1 will not be accepted after this date.

NOTE:  If your facility participates in the “Small Facility Casefinding Data Collection (CFDC) Project” or you are a CFDC contractor, you may continue to report 2011 data on SCL-DC.  Web Plus will be implemented as part of the 2012 CFDC process.

As a reminder, all Jan. – Jun. 2012 admissions are due January 1, 2013. Attached is a 2012 Timely Reporting Calendar for your cancer reporting schedule needs.  

For any questions, please contact your regional representative.



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Last updated November 12, 2012