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TCR Data Submissions - February 23

Dear Texas Cancer Reporters,

The TCR is working to finalize the TCRCER121b edits to include the latest revisions from national standard setters.  If you do not have the TCRCER121b edits dated February 15, 2012 please be sure to visit our website at http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/tcr/vendors.shtm or work with your software vendor.   

All 2010 records must be submitted to the TCR by March 1, 2012.  If you have issues with 2010 records not passing TCR edits please contact your regional representative.  All records with errors submitted prior to March 1, 2012 will be resolved by the TCR.  Query back to your facility may be necessary in order to complete these records. 

In evaluating your 2011 submissions we have identified that the following data fields are not being coded.  These data items are required for all sites from all facilities.  Submissions/records will be rejected starting March 1, 2012 if these data items come in blank or error off as well as records submitted with errors.  Please keep in mind that if any of the CER treatment data items and/or flags are coded for sites other than colorectal, breast, and CML the edits will error off even though these data items are not required for those sites.  This is how the edits were programed by the national standard setters. 

NAACCR  # data item            NAACCR Data Item Name
9960                                       Height
9961                                       Weight
9965                                       Tobacco Use Cigarettes
9966                                       Tobacco Use Other Smoke
9967                                       Tobacco Use Smokeless
9968                                       Tobacco Use NOS       
9970                                       Comorbidity Source
3110-3164                              Comorbidity/Complication 1-10  

CoC-Approved Registries are required to collect Clinical TNM data items for their class of case 10-22 and 00 recommended. In 2011 TCR requires that the following items be transmitted when submitting data.   

NAACCR Data Item#             Item/Field
940                                         TNM Clinical T for Female Breast; Rectum
950                                         TNM Clinical N for Female Breast; Rectum
960                                         TNM Clinical M for Female Breast; Rectum
970                                         TNM Clinical Stage Group for Female Breast; Rectum
980                                         TNM Clinical Descriptor for Female Breast; Rectum
1060                                       TNM Edition Number for Female Breast; Rectum   

If you have been in contact with your regional representative regarding issues for 2011 data please keep to the agreed upon arrangement. 

If your facility participates in the “Small Facility Casefinding Data Collection (CFDC) Project”, please disregard this notice.

The constant revisions and updates for NAACCR Version 12.1, Collaborative Stage 020302 and the CER data collection and editsets have been challenging for all of us. We appreciate your continued patience during this time.    

Please feel free to call your regional representative if you have any questions.   

Please do not hit 'Reply' to this message since it will not come to the Texas Cancer Registry.  Instead e-mail your regional representative.


Austin Office - HSR 1, 7, 9 & 11

Arlington Office - HSR 2 & 3 

Houston Office - HSR 4, 5 & 6

San Antonio Office - HSR 8 & 10

Thank you,

Texas Cancer Registry


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Last updated February 28, 2012