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SANDCRAB Lite for Pathlabs: Cancer Reporting Software

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SANDCRAB (Statewide Algorithm aNd Database for Cancer Registration and ABatement) Lite for Pathlabs is a cancer abstract reporting software designed for use by Pathology Labs that report to the Texas Cancer Registry (TCR). It is a scaled down version of the SANDCRAB software that is used by the TCR to process and store all reported cases. SANDCRAB Lite for Pathlabs was developed by the TCR to meet new state reporting requirements.

  • SANDCRAB Lite for Pathlabs (SCL-P) has on-line edit checking for resolution of errors prior to data submission, pop-up selection boxes for looking up codes and the capability to display or print reference reports from the data entered by the reporting institution. SCL-P allows pathology cases to be transmitted electronically to the TCR, thus eliminating paper reporting forms. Data will be submitted to the TCR via WS-FTP (secure online file Web Transfer Module).
  • SCL-P may be used on your network.

If the users or IT have any problems installing the new version, please have them call 512-458-7111 (Jonathan Unnasch x3626).

For data entry related questions please call Kimberly Willis at (512) 305-8476.

Information on coding some Pathlab fields:

  1. CLIA Number is required; registry number is tied to that. User can right click for selection list, then click “More choices” or just type CLIA number.
  2. Ordering Physician License Number should be coded. Right click to see physician names. Use "Double-click here to list all physicians" for an alphabetical listing. This will allow you to select from the entire physician database.
  3. Code Ordering Facility Provider ID. If entering entity is a physician, leave blank.
  4. If patient address is unknown, then key “Unknown.”
  5. If patient city is unknown, then key “Unknown.”
  6. If patient zip is unknown, then key “999999999.”
  7. If patient fips code is unknown, then key “999.”
  8. If patient SSN is unknown, then key “999999999.”
  9. If patient date of birth is unknown, then key “99999999.”

Reportable Cancer Cases

The types of cancer cases to be reported to the TCR are as follows:

  • All malignant and in situ neoplasms, with the exception of basal, squamous epithelial, and papillary neoplasms of non-genital skin and in situ neoplasms of the cervix (CIN) and prostate (PIN). 
  • All primary tumors occurring in any of the following sites:             
    • Meninges, brain, spinal cord, cauda equina, cranial nerve or nerves, or any other part of the central nervous system (CNS);
    • Pituitary gland, craniopharyngeal duct, or pineal gland.   

Timeliness of Data Submission

Independent Clinical Laboratories are required to submit reports at least quarterly. Electronic submission is required.






Last updated October 17, 2011