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SANDCRAB Lite (SCL) New Submission Process

SCL automatic updates will download and install the updated program and tables. Please review the SCL/WS-FTP submission instructions prior to submission. 


SANDCRAB (Statewide Algorithm aNd Database for Cancer Registration and ABatement) Lite is a cancer abstract reporting software designed for use by institutions that report to theTexas Cancer Registry (TCR). It is a scaled down version of the SANDCRAB software that is used by the TCR to process and store all reported cases.SANDCRAB Lite was developed by the TCR to meet new state reporting requirements.

  • SANDCRAB Lite (SCL) has on-line edit checking for resolution of errors prior to data submission, pop-up selection boxes for looking up codes and the capability to display or print reference reports from the data entered by the reporting institution. SCL allows cancer cases to be securely transmitted electronically to the TCR, thus eliminating paper reporting forms.
  • SCL may be used on your network.

Register to Download

  • You can now REGISTER to download SANDCRAB Lite 10 online.

WS-FTP Server Security Policy and Procedure

  • New users must complete a WS-FTP Use and Confidentiality Statement for the organization and a WS-FTP User Information Form for each user and fax them into the TCR.

  • Requests for password resets require that a WS-FTP Use and Confidentiality Statement for the organization and a WS-FTP User Information Form for the user be on file with the TCR.

Manual Update of SANDCRAB Lite and Tables

  • If you already have SANDCRAB Lite 10 and do not have the capability to turn ON
    automatic updates, please click the following link to download this zip file to your computer
    and then EXTRACT both files into the folder C:\SCL10\

    Restart SCL10 and the updates will be applied to your application. 

    SANDCRAB Lite and table updates: SCL-Manual-Update.zip (August 1, 2011.) 


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Last updated April 13, 2012