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Mi Familia No Fuma (My Family Doesn't Smoke)

Mi familia se protege

Goal: To create a culturally competent campaign which increases awareness about the health effects of tobacco-use and decreases the smoking rate among Hispanic tweens, teens, and adults.


Mi familia no fuma


Hispanics are a growing segment of the Texas population. Approximately 6.7 million people in Texas are of Hispanic origin, or about 32 percent of the state’s population. The smoking rate for Hispanics in Texas is 20.4 percent. About 166,000 (21.2%) Hispanic youth in grades 6-12 reported that they smoked a cigarette within the past 30 days compared to 18.3% of all Texas students in grades 6-12.

Smoking is responsible for 87% of the lung cancer deaths in the United States. Overall, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among Hispanics. Lung cancer deaths are about three times higher for Hispanic men than for Hispanic women. (Reference: www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/sgr/1998/highlights/hispanics/index.htm)

Tobacco products are advertised and promoted disproportionately to racial/ethnic minority communities. Examples of target promotions include the introduction of a cigarette product with the brand name "Rio" and an earlier cigarette product named "Dorado," which was advertised and marketed to the Hispanic American community.

Brand Personality

The Mi Familia No Fuma campaign centers on the Hispanic family. Using the positive familial influence an Hispanic family has on its members, the Mi Familia campaign taps into this dynamic in order to help everyone in the family be tobacco-free.

Through positive and aspirational images and messages, the Mi Familia campaign demonstrates that the Hispanic family unit can and will succeed in their dreams, work, and education and that tobacco is not a part of their family’s life.

Campaign Components

The Mi Familia campaign consists of a Spanish-language television PSA, billboards, in-store posters, theatre slides, transit ads, brochures, Quit Line cards, and other printed materials to educate Hispanic families about tobacco prevention. Paid schedules for the above media have been purchased in the Beaumont/Port Arthur market only. Successful outcomes through outreach activities with local churches and community groups in the Texas Tobacco Prevention Initiative area have also been conducted.

Target Audience

Primary: Adults 18-54, Secondary: Tweens (9-12) and Teens (13-17)

Last updated April 27, 2017