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Key Factors Related to Youth Tobacco Use Prevention


Merchants refuse to sell to minors
Adults refuse to purchase
No vending machines
Cigarettes costly
No smoking environment
Social norm of no tobacco use
School policy & enforcement
Underage use is illegal


Remains tobacco free

Related Behaviors

Participates in extracurricular activities
Does not use alcohol & other drugs

Attitudes, Beliefs & Values

Identifies self as non-smoker *Values health
Family alienation (-)
School alienation (-)
Hope in future
Outcome expectations – uncoool to smoke, smells bad, bad breath, bad for health, sign of maturity & independence (-), helps relax (-), helps control weight (-), helps feel comfortable in social situations (-)
Self-efficacy for refusal skills
Self-efficacy to fight tobacco industry
Perceived social norms for smoking
Perceived likelihood & severity of punishment
Knowledge of tobacco laws & penalties

Anti-smoking activism

Practices refusal skills
Discourages tobacco use by others
Describes manipulation by tobacco industry
Participates in anti-smoking efforts

Interpersonal / Environmental Factors

Parents, peers, physicians, teachers reinforce being smoke free
Parents communicate disapproval of smoking
Friends, parents and siblings are non-users
Parental control
School control

Demographic Factors


Last updated April 11, 2011