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Texas Tobacco Prevention Initiative Publications and Related Web Sites

TTPI Research-Related Web Sites

University of Houston
Positioning for Success

Positioning for Success
University of Houston
Texas Smoke-Free Ordinance Database

Texas Smoke-Free Ordinance Database

University of Houston
HNETS Tobacco Prevention and Control
University of Texas at Austin
Tobacco Control Work Group
UT Austin Tobacco Control Work Group

Organizations represented on the Texas Tobacco Prevention Initiative (TTPI) Evaluation and Surveillance Team have developed web sites, publications and presentations that describe and evaluate current tobacco prevention activities in Texas.

Click here to view Evaluation and Surveillance Team Publications and Presentations 2000-2004. (PDF file, 124 kb, viewing information, last updated: 01/12/05)

Links to TTPI research-related web sites are provided to the right. 

Texas Tobacco Prevention Initiative Reports

Unless otherwise indicated, reports listed below are PDF files ( viewing information)

January 2007

March 2005

Guidelines for Review and Analysis of Texas Municipal Second Hand Smoke (SHS) Ordinances: Short Edition (126 kb)

Health Insurance Coverage for Tobacco Dependence. Survey of Managed Care Organizations in Texas (201 kb)

February 2005

Progress on Achieving Texas Tobacco Reduction Goals: A Report to the 79th Legislature (28 kb)

January 2005

Texans and Tobacco: A Report to the 79th Texas Legislature as mandated by Health & Safety Code §161.0901 (273 kb)

June 2003

Assessment of Texas School Capacity and Infrastructure for Tobacco Program Implementation Two Years After Start-Up (Executive Summary) (239 kb) Publication Number: txtob03-6

May 2003

Evaluation of the Texas Department of Health Texas Tobacco Prevention Pilot Initiative, 2000-2002 Effects on Adults (68 kb) Publication Number: txtob03-5


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