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Parking Information for Central Campus – 1100 West 49th Street, Austin, TX 78756

The Central Campus Complex has wheelchair-accessible and Visitor Parking throughout the campus. These directions work best if used in conjunction with the Central Campus map. Wheelchair-accessible parking is available in lots 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, the first floor of the parking garages, and in some additional parking areas. If you have problems finding parking, please contact the Switchboard at (512) 776-7111 for assistance. If you have comments or suggestions for improving parking and/or accessibility, please contact Joe Rainosek, at (512) 776-2744.

Lot #1

Lot #2

Lot #3

Lot #4

Lots #5 and #6

Lot #7

Lot #8

Additional Parking

Parking Garages

Parking Lot #1

Parking Lot #1 consists of three areas in the circular drive off of 49th Street. One parking lot is located between the pink-granite Moreton Building and the Lobby entrance and has accessible parking spaces. Two parking areas are directly in front of the Birth and Death Certificates Building near Sunshine Drive. They have wheelchair-accessible and Visitor Parking spaces.


Parking Lot #2

Parking Lot #2 is located on Sunshine drive and across the street from the parking garage and on the side of the Bureau of Vital Statistics. This parking lot has wheelchair-accessible parking.


Parking Lot #3

Parking Lot #3 is located on Grover Street behind the pink-granite Moreton Building, in front of the Main Building. This parking lot also has wheelchair-accessible parking.


Parking Lot #4

Parking Lot #4 is labeled “Visitor Parking” and is located in front of the pink granite Moreton Building on the corner of Grover and 49th Streets. If you are visiting the HHS Job Center or attending a DSHS Council meeting, feel free to park in the parking spaces labeled “Visitor Parking.” Wheelchair-accessible parking is available in lot 1 near the Moreton building. If you are just dropping off something, please park in the space labeled “15-minute parking.”


Parking Lots #5 and #6

Parking Lots #5 and #6 are available for parking to employees or guests. Parking Lot #5 is available for Tower Building parking and lot #6 is available for Lab Building parking. Both lots contain wheelchair accessible parking.


Parking Lot #7

Parking Lot #7 is located on Grover Street in front of the Service Building. Visitors’ Parking spaces are located closest to Grover Street. This parking lot has visitor and wheelchair-accessible parking.


Parking Lot #8

Parking Lot #8 is located on the east side of the Service Building. You may park in this area if you are dropping off work requests for the Art Department. This parking lot has wheelchair-accessible parking.


Additional Parking

There are additional parking spaces surrounding the Warehouse Facility, with three different areas containing wheelchair-accessible parking: 1) between Parking Lot #7 and the southwestern end of the Warehouse, 2) on the north side of the Warehouse, near the Audiovisual Library, and 3) on the southeastern side of the Warehouse.

If you are unable to find wheelchair-accessible parking, please drive to the front of the Central Campus. Park temporarily in the circular drive (in front of the Lobby Entrance). Please go into the Lobby and ask the information desk attendees to assist you.


Parking Garages

Additional parking is available on the top floors of the two parking garages between Speed Bump Drive and Sunshine Drive. Wheelchair-accessible parking is available on the first floor. No permit is needed for Visitor Parking in the parking garages. Please watch for the flashing “Ramp Open” and “Ramp Closed” lights for direction in using these parking garages as the driving direction of the ramps change to facilitate traffic flow.


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Last updated April 12, 2012