TER User Agreement for Physicians

TER Death Registration Online Request form for Physicians

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User Agreement for TER Death Registration

This agreement is between the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and its predecessor agencies, and the facility completing this request. This agreement sets forth the expectations for effective use of Texas Electronic Registrar in registering deaths by physicians and practices. These required practices are intended to insure the accurate, secure and timely registrations of deaths. The term “facility” includes physicians and practices certifying deaths using the TER system.

The facility will maintain a computer properly equipped to use TER including internet capability and reliable access to the Internet.

All facility personnel provided access to TER must comply with all DSHS Security and Privacy Policies. The facility is responsible for training all facility personnel who will be provided access to TER and the DSHS network from the facility, and for monitoring and enforcing compliance with DSHS and facility policies.

All facility personnel must execute and comply with the requirements of the TER Confidentiality Agreement before being provided access to TER. This Agreement fulfills this requirement only for the Facility Administrator executing the agreement.

The facility will not use or disclose any information contained in the records of the DSHS, except as authorized by this agreement.

All deaths must be certified and verified by individual physicians or practices approved by DSHS to certify deaths.

The death registration must be filed no later than ten days from the date of the death. [Texas Health and Safety Code, §193.003(a)].

The DSHS will provide technical assistance in accordance with the Texas Electronic Register (TER) Service Level Agreement.

Failure to comply with the User Agreement Requirements may result in termination of the agreement and access to TER. This agreement and the facility to access the TER system will be reviewed annually for compliance, otherwise it is effective until terminated.


Please Select one of the options after reading the TER User Agreement
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If you need assistance place email: Help-TER

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Last updated May 8, 2017