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New Legislation Requiring Electronic Death Registration

House Bill 1739, which mandates electronic death registration for funeral homes and medical certifiers, was signed by the Governor on June 15, 2007, and takes effect on September 1, 2007. Section 193.005 requires that medical certifiers on a death certificate submit the medical certification and attest to its validity using an electronic process (currently Texas Electronic Registrar) approved by the State Registrar.


Enroll in Texas Electronic Death Registration

Online Application

If you are a medical certifier and are not currently signed up for Texas Electronic Death Registration, you can enroll in Texas Electronic Death Registration by going to the TER Death Registration page.


Fax Application

If you are having problems with the online request form you may also print off the fax request form, completed registration form, and fax it to 512-458-7233:

TER Resources for Medical Certifiers

Any questions or comments about Texas Electronic Death Registration processes are encouraged and appreciated.  Please email  questions to help-TER@dshs.texas.gov.

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