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Master Registrar Certification Course


The Department of State Health Services – Vital Statistics Unit, would like to invite all local registrars to participate in our Master Registrar Certification course.The Master Registrar Certification course is comprised of a small group of local registrars and deputies from around the state. The course provides them with a deeper understanding of vital registration and issuance through the statutory framework of vital statistics, best practices and working collaboratively with the processes at the federal, state and local level. Visit the MRC webpage for more information.


New Autopsy Consent Form

txcap1600_01HB 1009 added a new section to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure as it relates to consent for autopsy.  This new law requires that physician conducting an autopsy receive written consent from the spouse of the decedent, the person acting as guardian of the person of the decedent at the time of death, the executor or administrator of the decedent's estate, the adult children of the decedent, the parents of the decedent; and the adult siblings of the decedent. A Justice of the Peace or Medical Examiner does not need consent from a family member for deaths under inquest.  DSHS, in cooperation with the Texas Medical Board, are required to create the consent form. This form is now available. Visit the Autopsy Consent Form webpage  for more information.

Join us for the 57th Annual VSU Conference:

Conference Logo 600x275This year’s annual conference theme “Piecing it all Together: Promoting Partnerships for a Healthy Texas” expresses the need for partnership and unity between the stakeholders as each individual entity engages in their role in improving the health of Texans. Although each entity has a unique role and obligation in improving the overall well being of the State, all of these roles are interconnected. This year’s conference will provide a collaborative learning opportunity between members of the vital statistics registration system that will improve communication, increase the understanding of the connections between partners, and strengthen partnerships through a conceptual understanding of the ‘big picture’ of vital registration.  This conference will offer an interactive and comprehensive analysis of vital registration roles, functions and goals so that all partners can work together more efficiently towards improving the health of all Texans. 


2011 Five-Star Award Winners

5 Star Award 2The 2011 Winning 5 Star funeral homes, local registrars, and hospitals have been posted.  Go to the 5 star award page to view the winners!








New Vital Statistics Review (PDF)


This issue includes information on the 82nd Legistative Session, indexing vital records, Establishing Paternity at Birth, the VSU site visits and more.






Last updated May 3, 2018