Texas Electronic Registrar (TER) – Preparing for the New Forgot Password Feature

Please Read Carefully!

IMPORTANT - To use the Forgot Password feature, your email must be correct in the TER User Maintenance Security screen.  If you are a Local Admin, please verify your email and all email addresses for users in your facility as soon as possible.  If you are not a Local Admin, please contact your Local Admin and ask that your email address be verified.  If a user’s email address is incorrect, they will not be able to utilize this time-saving feature!

The first step in allowing TER users to reset their own passwords is setting up individual user Security Questions.  When your user security questions are in place, you will be able to reset your forgotten TER password without contacting a local administrator or the TER Help Desk

Step One

You will be asked to answer two security questions of your choosing the first time you log in.



Step Two:

Select and answer the questions and then select SAVE.





Step Three:

Answer YES to the question "Do you want to close this window" and continue with the log in process.






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Last updated February 11, 2013