Testimonials from Past Attendees of the Master Registrar Certification Course

“All the handouts I received were of great interest and will be something I take back to my work desk and have available for reference when needed.”

“Excellent educational and networking opportunity”

“I’ve always learned best by visual experience, and by immersion into that thing which I am bent on learning. That MRC class was an opportunity to do exactly that, and I have gained very valuable knowledge of State of Texas Vital Records Statues and Regulations.”

“I highly recommend attending the Master Registrar Certification Course for anyone who wants to excel in the field of Vital Records.”

“Nothing has prepared me to be more effective and efficient than the master certification.”

“The training was hands on and the statue and regulation test proved to me what level of knowledge I had gained. This course was a reinforcement tool for me and it gave me more confidence to accurately explain documents and information to our customer.”

“It was one of the best trainings I have ever attended.“

“The course was interesting, structured, and well-paced.”

“There is not an equitable training of its kind in [my state] and that is a component that is really lacking. I feel your training fills the gap.  I am going to start sending my staff to your training until [my state] gets up and running with programs for registrars.”

“The overall course was well organized and provided information in all areas.  The presenters were excellent and provided useful information.  The handouts are good resources and will used when in doubt since they provide valuable information.”    

“The MRC has really expanded my knowledge base and will help me answer inquiries much more precisely.”

“The knowledge is invaluable”

“The Master Certification class exceeded my expectations. Not knowing what to expect when arriving I soon was pleasantly surprised at the abundance of information available.”

“Attending the Master Registrar Certification class was well worth the time and expense. I learned a great deal, met incredible people, and now I have a more in depth understanding of what happens at the state level. I would recommend this class to all Local Registrars that want to better their office.”

“I was able to take the information presented to me during the week and immediately use it in my office. It was great to get to know other local registrars and discuss problems that we all face and share solutions.”


Last updated May 27, 2014