Texas Electronic Death Registration – Requesting a Forgotten PIN

Please Read Carefully!!!

TER Now has a new feature that will allow funeral directors and medical certifiers to reset their forgotten PIN numbers.   

TER will now allow funeral directors and medical certifiers to reset their own PIN numbers, even if they cannot remember the current PIN. 

The first step in allowing TER users to reset their own PIN is setting up individual user Security Questions.  When your user security questions are in place, you will be able to reset your forgotten TER PIN without contacting a local administrator or the TER Help Desk.  This is a separate process from the user security questions set for forgotten passwords.  However, you can set the same two security questions if you wish.

You will be asked to set your user Security Questions for PIN reset the first time you successfully certify (medical certifier) or verify (funeral director) a death certificate in TER.  If you need instructions on setting your PIN Security Questions, please click the following link:  Security Question Overview

IMPORTANT - To use the Forgot PIN feature, your email must be correct in the TER Library Maintenance Medical Certifier or Funeral Director screen, whichever is applicable.  This is the screen that you originally use to setup a medical certifier or funeral director, set their email addresses, and their initial PIN.  This is not the same as the TER User Maintenance Security screen. 

If you are a Local Admin, please verify that all email addresses for medical certifiers or funeral directors in your facility are up to date as soon as possible.  If you are medical certifier or funeral director, but not a Local Admin, please contact your Local Admin and ask that your email address be verified.  If a user’s email address is incorrect, they will not be able to utilize this time-saving feature!


Resetting a Forgotten PIN Number

Step One

Click the Reset PIN button on the medical certification/demographic verification screen.  A pop-up message will appear instructing you to check your email.  This is the email address that is associated with your medical certification/demographic verification notification settings.  Note - If you do not receive the email instructions, contact your TER Local Administrator to verify that your email address is correct in the TER system.



Step Two

You will receive and email from help-TER@dshs.state.tx.us with a link to the Security Questions that you selected previously.


Step Three

At the Security Questions screen, enter the responses to each of your two security questions.  Your responses are not case sensitive.

Click ‘Get PIN’.  This will generate a new email to you that provides a temporary TER PIN.  Click ‘Yes’ on the window asking “Do you want to close this tab?”


Step Four

Retrieve the new email with your temporary PIN. 


Step Five

Log back in to TER and retrieve the record you want to certify/verify.  You will be instructed to verify and renew your temporary PIN.  Enter the temporary PIN from your email, then select a new PIN that only you will know and that you can easily remember.


Step Six

After your PIN is reset, proceed with the normal electronic signature process to certify/verify your record.




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Last updated February 11, 2013