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Death Registration Handbooks


Birth Registration Handbooks

Fetal Death Registration Handbooks

Please Note: The Handbook on Fetal Death Registration does not reflect the changes made during the the 82nd Legislative Session.

Local Registration Handbooks

Vital Registration Statutes and Codes

The Texas Vital Statistics Unit’s Statutes and Codes books provided in this section were designed to provide quick and easy access to Texas laws relevant to Vital Registration. Although every effort was made to create a comprehensive reference for this purpose, this document does not contain the law in its entirety.  With each Legislative Session, Texas laws continue to be written and amended so that portions of this document will become outdated over time.  The Documents below are current as of the 82nd Legislative Session (2011).

The following can be referred to for the most current versions of the laws: Website:


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Statutes and Codes

Texas Health and Safety Code     27.2 MB
Texas Family Code 10.5 MB
Texas Administrative Code 5.2 MB
Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 4.1 MB
Texas Government and Election Code 1.0 MB



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